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There’s a new invention in the world of sewing: the One Second Needle.  According to the official One Second Needle website this needle has a number of advantages:

-          It reduces you’re need to have to poke, cut and squint to try and thread your traditional needle.
-          It allows you take the thread to the needle instead of the needle to the thread.
-          You can simply loop and thread your needle in one quick, simple movement.
-          The One Second Needle can be use to sew buttons, make hems, mend tears, add patches and more.
-          It replaces your need to save multiple needles on a pincushion.
-          It allows you can colors of thread quickly and easily.
-          You can use it bury the knots
-          It’s made with novice and expert sewers in mind.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to the One Second Needle is its’ ability to help those who are losing their vision.   Many expert sewers can lose their vision over time as the ease of threading a needle becomes more and more of a chore.  This needle appears to help these sewers get back up to speed.

The One Second Needle is available online at their official website.  They have a special offer right now where you can get 4 needles – two large and two small – for $10.00 plus shipping and handling.  They’ll also through in a second set of needles and a sewing & mending kit free with a $5.99 processing fee.  This kit includes hooks, pins, measuring tapes, buttons, a 20 piece thread collection and more.